Icelandic Glacial to Launch in China

Icelandic Glacial to Launch in China

Premium Water Brand Signs Major Deal with Golden Field®


LOS ANGELES, CA (July 12, 2017) – Premium, naturally-alkaline spring water brand, Icelandic Glacial™, announced today a massive partnership with international trading company Golden Field® for distribution throughout China. The deal will make Icelandic Glacial available in high-end retailers, restaurants, and nightclubs throughout the region. 

Golden Field focuses on finding the world’s top products and making them readily available on assorted platforms around the globe. With Icelandic Glacial, the company plans to first introduce the brand to high-end channels, later expanding into major convenience stores such as CVS. Additionally, Icelandic Glacial will become available in BHG Stores and Costa Coffee in partnership with the Beijing Hualian Group. These deals will help increase in the brand’s effort to bring the pureness of Iceland and its water to Chinese consumers craving a new, premium water experience.

“This strategic partnership has been in the works for a year as we sought out the best partner to get our water to China,” said Chairman & Co-Founder of Icelandic Glacial, Jon Olafsson. “We are thrilled that Golden Field will give Chinese consumers the opportunity to experience a piece of Iceland.”

Added CEO Reza Mirza, “Through Golden Field’s many resources in sales and marketing channels, we anticipate nothing but success as we expand Icelandic Glacial’s global reach.” 

Icelandic Glacial is expected to hit shelves in China this October.

“We are thrilled to bring the pureness of Iceland as well as a brand-new, luxury drinking experience to 1.3 billion of Chinese people,” Stephen Lu, General Manager of Golden Field said. “This strategic partnership with the world’s top water, Icelandic Glacial, is a win not just for Golden Field and Iceland Glacial, but for customers in China.”

About Icelandic Glacial™  

Icelandic Glacial is the super-premium natural spring water, bottled at the source from Iceland’s legendary Ölfus Spring, which was formed more than 5,000 years ago and is shielded from pollution by an impenetrable barrier of lava rock. The spring produces water so pure that nothing is added or taken away. As a result, Icelandic Glacial possesses exceptional balance featuring a naturally low mineral content and a naturally alkaline pH of 8.4. Icelandic Glacial is further distinguished as the world’s first certified carbon neutral natural spring bottled water for product and operation. Icelandic Glacial uses 100% natural green energy to fuel its production delivering a premium bottled water to discerning consumers around the world while maintaining a “net zero” carbon footprint.

About Golden Field®

Golden Field is an innovative international trading company focused on developing brands globally, purchasing from origin and selling in various markets. The company has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan and France with marketing through China for a global world vision. Golden Field owns more than 40,000 offline outlets including CVS, HoReCa and other retailers. They also operate one of the largest ecommerce sites, making products visible to 4,000,000+ customers every day.

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