Icelandic Glacial Sparkling Water

Icelandic Glacial Sparkling Water

There has been an incredible shift in the beverage industry over the last several years as consumers are moving away from soda and making healthier choices. Many still crave the carbonation, but don’t want to consume the calories, sugar or artificial sweeteners that typically go hand-in-hand with carbonated beverages. According to data from Euromonitor International as reported by The Washington Post, sparkling water sales have more than doubled over the past five years. At Icelandic Glacial, we’ve received requests for years to offer a sparkling version of our pristine water, and I’m very happy to now introduce our sparkling water in iconic glass bottles.

With the excitement surrounding the launch, many of you have reached out to ask specifically about our sparkling water. How does it taste? Where does it come from? I am pleased to address those questions now.

Where does Icelandic Glacial Sparkling water come from?

Our sparkling water is bottled at the same, sustainable source as our still– the Ölfus Spring. The Ölfus Spring is constantly replenished by a gradual filtration of rainfall and snowmelt. We take less than 0.1% of the water annually, and Zenith International, Europe’s leading food and drinks consultancy, has declared the Ölfus Spring to be certifiably sustainable.

Can you describe the taste?

It is lightly carbonated with a medium bubble and has the same purity and naturally low mineral levels as our still water, providing a clean, crisp taste.

Is it high in sodium?

No. In fact, it is sodium-free!

What sizes will be available for purchase?

Our sparkling water is available in both a 330ml & 750ml glass bottle. I am also pleased to share that our classic still water is available in 330ml and 750ml glass bottles as well.







Where will Icelandic Glacial Sparkling water be available for purchase?

Initially, you will find our sparkling and glass in restaurants and hotels at the request of our on-premise partners, as this suits the needs of their customers. Eventually, we’d like to see our sparkling and glass widely available on the shelves of fine retailers around the world.

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With the addition of sparkling water and glass bottles, we now have a complete portfolio to offer our customers with healthy solutions for every occassion. We look forward to an exciting year!

- Jon Olafsson, Chairman & Co-Founder

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